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Imagine how good it would feel to have total confidence in your hockey skills coaching knowledge. To finally feel qualified to give hockey skills advice. And to feel empowered to coach anyone to a higher level of hockey skills.

That’s exactly what this Guide is meant to do. 

With high quality, professional skills videos breaking down step-by-step how to teach skills and what to look for to help improve a player’s game. This Guide lays out the chronological order that hockey skills should be taught in, and most importantly, WHY they should be taught in that order. It’s a proven and practical coaching system that shows you what to do at every stage of a player’s hockey career.

The best part? You’ll never feel confused again about how to progress through your hockey season, or struggle with what to do next with your team. With our help, you’ll learn how skill development really works – and how to coach players with great success.

With the Hockey Skills Coaching Ultimate Guide, you’ll learn how to:

Who is this program for?

It’s for any hockey coach (or anyone thinking about becoming a coach) who wants to feel confident in their ability to successfully coach hockey skills and get better results for the players they work with.

Whether you have coached for years or just starting out, this Guide will give you the knowledge and tools to make a real, lasting change with anyone you work with.

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Learning Path

  • Fitting a Hockey Skate
  • Hockey Player Position
  • Balance and Agility (Beginner)
  • Using Your Edges
  • Inside Edges
  • Outside Edges
  • One-Leg Pushes
  • Forward Skating
  • Side Stopping
  • Glide Turns
  • Pivoting
  • Backward Skating
  • Backward Skating Progression
  • Forward Skating Progression
  • Advanced Balance and Agility
  • V-Quick Starts
  • Crossover Starts
  • Adding a Crossover Start to a Stop
  • Forward Crossovers (Beginner)
  • Backward Crossovers (Beginner)
  • Quick Backward Starts
  • Mohawk Turns
  • V-Quick Start Progressions (Advanced)
  • Crossover Start Progression (Using a Stick)
  • Forward Skating Drills & Tools
  • Bracket Turns
  • Transition Turns
  • Forward Lateral Movements
  • Backward Lateral Movements
  • One-Leg Drags
  • Forward Crossovers
  • Inside Edge Maneuvers (Crosby Turns)
  • Punch Jams
  • Jam Turns
  • Transitioning With Heels and Toes First
  • Using Transitions (Advanced)
  • One-Legged Stops
  • Body Checking Basics

38 Videos – 2 Hours 4 Minutes

  • Fitting a Hockey Stick
  • Taping Your Hockey Stick
  • Hockey Stick Hand Positioning
  • Simple Tools to Improve Your Shot
  • Wrist Shot
  • Progression of the Wrist Shot
  • Backhand Shot
  • Slap Shot
  • Quick Touches Around the Net
  • Taking a One-Timer
  • One Knee Down One-Timer
  • Snap Shot
  • Quick Release Shots
  • Simple Tools to Improve Your Quick Release Shooting
  • Two Touch Shooting
  • Shooting in Stride Progression
  • Faking a Shot in Stride
  • Redirecting the Puck
  • Tips and Deflections
  • Adding Progression to Deceptive Shooting

20 Videos – 1 Hour 25 Minutes

  • Detailed Hand Positioning on the Stick
  • Bad Stick Handling Tendencies
  • Basic Puck Control (Pushing the Puck)
  • Basic Puck Handling (Using Stick Handling Zones)
  • Stick Handling Zones
  • Puck Handling Basics (Making a Move with the Puck)
  • Using the Backhand of Your Stick Blade
  • Passing Fundamentals
  • One Touch Passing Fundamentals
  • Passing in Motion
  • Board Passes
  • On-Ice Awareness
  • Using Your Skates to Pick Up Pucks
  • Shuffle Skating
  • Shuffle Skating and Stick Handling
  • Picking Up Rimmed Pucks (Beginner)
  • Tapping the Puck Across Your Body
  • Three Layers of Evasiveness
  • Putting Pucks Through Your Feet (Beginner)
  • Picking Up a Hard Backhand Pass
  • Catching Pucks with your Skates
  • Picking Up Bad Passes with Feet
  • Saucer Passes
  • Knocking Down Pucks
  • Face Offs
  • Picking Up Rimmed Pucks (Advanced)
  • Spinning Off a Rimmed Puck
  • Evasive Maneuvers
  • Combining Transition Turns with Evasive Maneuvers
  • An Advanced Look at Picking Up Passes with your Feet
  • Cut Backs & Fakes
  • Chipping and Flipping Pucks over Obstacles
  • Advanced Wall Play
  • Sliding Pucks Through Defenders
  • One on One Breakdown (Forward)
  • One on One Breakdown (Defence)
  • 1-on-1 Options
  • 2-on-1 Options
  • 3-on-2 Options
  • Inside Edge Fakes
  • Hockey Stick Lie & Flex
  • How to be Evasive Along the Wall
  • How to Create Space off the Boards
  • How to Use the Back of the Net to your Advantage
  • The McLateral

45 Videos – 3 Hours 3 Minutes

  • Working on Quick Feet Drill
  • Simple Puck Handling Drill
  • Simple Passing Drill
  • How to Make the J-Drill More Interesting
  • Adding Glide Turns to a Shooting Drill
  • Adding Quick Starts to a Drill
  • Adding Quick Feet to a Drill
  • Iron Cross Drill
  • Simple Glide Turn Drill
  • Forward-Backward Passing Drill
  • Simple Passing & Shooting Drill
  • Adding Quick Feet to a Simple Passing Drill
  • One Touch Passing Drill
  • Adding Crossovers and Finishing with a Shot
  • Adding Bracket Turns to a Shooting Drill
  • One on One Drill
  • Transitioning and Receiving a Pass Drill
  • Putting Pucks Through Feet Drill
  • Adding Quick Release Shooting to a Drill
  • Adding Picking Up Rims to a Drill
  • Adding Chipping and Flipping Pucks into a Drill
  • Incorporating Wall Play into a Drill

22 Videos – 45 Minutes

  • Adding Edging into a Practice
  • Adding Quick Starts into a Practice
  • Simple Catch and Release Drill
  • Crosby Turns
  • Adding Punch Jams to a Practice
  • Working on Punch Jams and Cut Backs
  • Quick Feet Drill Around Cones
  • Opening Up Quick Step on D-Retrievals
  • Transition Opening Up with Quick Step

9 Videos – 1 Hour 11 Minutes

  • Off Ice: Setting Up Off Ice Shooting
  • Off Ice: Backhand Shots
  • Off Ice: Wrist Shots and Snap Shots
  • Off Ice: Saucer Passes
  • Off Ice: Slap Shots

5 Videos – 16 Minutes

  • How to Skate More Efficiently
  • The Best Way to Practice your Shot at Home
  • How to Get Quicker Feet
  • Improving your Wrist Shot
  • Improving your Backhand Shot
  • Improving your Puck Handling
  • Improving your Passing
  • Backhand Shot Close to Net
  • Quick Touches Around the Net
  • Backhand to Forehand Shot
  • Forehand to Backhand Close to Net
  • Improving your Slap Shot
  • Improving your Snap Shot

13 Videos – 14 Minutes

  • Common Issues with Young Players
  • Forward Skating
  • Skating
  • Outside Edge
  • Stopping
  • Side Stopping Pt 2
  • Backward Skating Pt 1
  • Backward Skating Pt 2 
  • Three Shooting Boxes
  • Better Puck Control

10 Videos – 36 Minutes

  • Small Group Session
  • Game Situation Drill
  • Evasive Pass Drill
  • Battle Drill

4 Videos – 15 Minutes

  • Skating Treadmill Introduction
  • Forward Skating
  • Quick Starts & Accelerating
  • Backward Skating
  • Adding a Puck

5 Videos – 10 Minutes

  • Hockey Player Position Breakdown and Skill Progression
  • Balance and Agility Skill Progression
  • Inside and Outside Edge Skill Progressions
  • Forward Skating Skill Progression
  • Backward Skating Skill Progression
  • Side Stopping Skill Progression
  • Pivoting Skill Progression
  • Quick V-Start Skill Progression
  • Crossover Start Skill Progression
  • Wrist Shot Skill Progression
  • Backhand Shot Skill Progression
  • Snap Shot Skill Progression
  • Slap Shot Skill Progression
  • One Timer Skill Progression
  • Quick Touches Around the Net Skill Progression

15 Videos – 1 Hour 32 Minutes

  • How to Create a Practice Plan

1 Video – 3 Minutes

  • Effective Practice Planning
  • Practice Preparation

2 Articles

  • Player Evaluation
  • Goalie Evaluation

2 PDFs

  • On Ice Skill Testing


Are You Ready To Start?

Skills Coaching can make (or break) your results

When your job is to help develop players, focussing on individual skills is the most important and effective step. But there’s a big problem: most coaches don’t feel qualified to properly teach skills. 

They can tell you what they think players need to work on, but they can’t tell you how or why. They can tell you that their team needs to be able to break out of their end better, but they fail to see that their team needs to learn better passing, or how to properly open up and pivot to get themselves into good positions where they can face the puck and read the opposition. 

Despite their best intentions, these coaches don’t get the results from their players that they were hoping for, or that their players deserve, which leads to stress, frustration, and burn out.

Teaching Hockey Skills Doesn’t Have To Be So Confusing Or Difficult.

In the Ultimate Guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know to feel confident and qualified. Very quickly, you’ll be able to translate your new skills into your season. You’ll know what is right when teaching skills, and how to communicate it effectively, so you can get quality results from your players.

Simply put: knowing how to coach hockey skills effectively is the key to developing your players the way they deserve.

How the Program Works:

Once you register, you can start right away with our Getting Started Quiz. This is just for us to get to know you as a coach so we can provide you with the most assistance possible moving forward.

You also get instant access to over 175 skill videos for all ages and levels.

Once you begin, you’ll find forms, questionnaires, and other resources. They’re yours to use with your players.

Know Where You Last Left Off Automatically.

The guide will show you what videos and lessons you have already completed and which ones you still need to do, so you never have to second guess where you left off.

This also shows you what NEW videos you have missed, as they will be added in a chronological order to how they should be taught instead of just being added to the bottom of the list.

What people are saying

Are You Ready To Start?

A deeper understanding of hockey skills, the authority to coach them, and the ability to turn what you know into results.

Final Note

We are seeing more highly skilled, full speed plays every night on the highlights. There is more competition than ever before.

Whatever age and level you work with, it’s important to understand that the most successful coaches will be those who have a deep understanding of hockey skills and the ability to effectively teach others. 

That’s what we do every day. And we’re ready to teach you the same skills based coaching method we’ve used with professional hockey teams, and over 10,000 hockey players over 20+ years. 

Of course, if now isn’t your time, we understand. We hope this helped you understand who we are and what we do. We’ll be here if and when you need us. 

But if you know that the time for you is now, we have a strong recommendation for you: GO FOR IT. Give yourself the opportunity to truly help your players. Make the commitment and get the education you need.

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